1. Treat Yourself – even the tiniest of things can instantly lift your mood. So today, if you don’t have time for a full-on pamper just wear your favourite outfit, paint your nails or even wear lipstick on the school run. If you feel a bit special, you’ll cheer yourself up instantly!
2. There’s a positive for every negative – Instead of dwelling on the negatives, come up with one thing that makes you happy. If you have time you can write these out or simply say one out loud each morning as a routine. Even text a friend asking for what makes her happy and get your daily fix!
3. Dance! Yes you might feel silly shimmying down the supermarket aisles, but when you get a minute at home, put some music on and get moving. The burst of energy will release feel-good hormones and doing something silly can help let go of those negative thoughts. Even get your little one involved to make a game out of it.
4. Cuddle Up. No matter what is getting you down, mums have at least one little instant mood-fixer to brighten them up. Regardless of how stressed you are, a quick kiss and a cuddle from your little one is sure to put a smile on your face and make you count your blessings.
5. Smile. It’s hard to smile when you’re feeling sad, but forcing yourself to smile soon gets you actually feeling positive. Practice smiling when you’re talking more or think back to a time when you absolutely couldn’t stop laughing and you’ll soon find yourself having a quick giggle.
6. Share the kindness - No matter how tired or stressed you feel today, try and make someone else’s day. This is a sure-fire way to make you feel fantastic and release endorphins. It can be as simple as smiling and greeting random people on the street, making a small donation to charity or just generally being nicer to those around you.
7. Reward Yourself - It’s difficult to find the time in the day, but if you get even five minutes to yourself today – make them count. Take a shower or bath (even in the morning the heat will help soothe you), call a friend for a very quick catch-up or just plan five minutes of me-time to motivate you through the day.
8. Eat Right – Often we find ourselves comfort eating to feel better and although a bit of chocolate as a treat is fine, over-eating is also a way to make us feel down. Instead try foods like blackberries, salmon, skimmed milk, bananas and oranges, which are all known stress-soothers and packed with vitamins that are also all good for your body too!

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